Monday, August 6, 2007

Janessa's First Girls Camp

Janessa got to go to Girl's Camp this year, even though she wasn't quite 12 years old. She was thrilled! We went to Heber Valley Camp up above Heber and really had a great time. There were moments that I think Janessa would have rather not had her mom at camp, but we both survived!

This was the night before camp...Janessa was so excited after she packed her bags!

There were so many fun girls who came to camp. Also lots of great leaders!

Janessa was in the "Princess" appropriate!

It really took this many leaders (plus two Priesthood leaders) to watch out for these girls.

Janessa was Harry Potter in the campfire skit.

They had so many fun activities to do at the camp. Here we were at the lake, we went out on canoes. The Bishop tipped his over, but he was the only one...luckily!

>We got to do a ropes course, everyone was so adventurous!