Saturday, May 19, 2007

Last day of Soccer!

Today was everyone's last soccer game. We are kind of excited to get our Saturdays back. Harrison was the goalie the whole game, he does such a great job of it. When asked how many goals he stopped, he replied, "a million." I'm not sure that's quite accurate...but we'll let it by for now. Harrison really enjoys sports and he is so good at them. He is fast and loves to race everyone. This soccer league has been a lot of fun for him because he gets to see so many friends at the games.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nathan at Thanksgiving Point

Nathan went with his preschool class to Thanksgiving Point today. They went and visited the farm. He loved the baby cows (they look really uncomfortable when they sleep), the sheep, horses, goats, turkeys, and baby chicks. He was grossed out when he fed the goat and it licked his hand! He kept wiping it on things the rest of the time. They got to ride horses. His friend Daxon is one of his best buddies. A huge dust storm came while they were riding the horses and the day got cut short. After the storm passed we went to the Discovery Park and had popcicles. What a fun day. Nathan is really going to miss preschool, but Mrs. Strong (his current teacher) will also be his kindergarten teacher! That will be fun for him. He is very excited to start kindergarten!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Family Home Evening...weeding?

Tonight the kids were going to help us weed for family home evening. It started out pretty well, but turned into a fun night for chalking the sidewalks, riding the scooters, and playing with lady bugs! Our flowers are blooming and the tomatoes and herbs are on their way.

Mother's Day 2007 at James' home...

We had a wonderful Mother's Day dinner at Jane & Marlyn's house. We went over after church on Sunday and the men made the dinner (it sounds scarier than it really was). We had yummy grilled chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs as well as some salads. Rick brought his famous (he has made it one other time) Cesar Salad with Anchovies! We also celebrated Mark, Jared, Seth & Emma's birthdays. The kids always have so much fun together.

Mother's Day 2007

Andrew took me to Salt Lake for Mother's Day. We went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast. Bryn Terfel was the special guest. Our family went to the Christmas concert a few years ago when he performed. He was really amazing. He is from Wales, which makes us like him even more since our ancestors were Welch. We were able to sit right in the front, just a few rows behind President Hinkley. That was a great experience for Andrew...he kept saying, "I've never been this close to the Prophet before." Bryn sang a few selections from "Elijah," by Felix Mendelssohn. It will air next Sunday morning.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturdays are filled with Soccer!

Our Saturdays for the last couple of months have been filled with soccer. Today the kids had a fun time at their games. Rick is coaching Nathan's team. They are hilarious! Whenever the ball goes out of bounds, the kids back WAY up to kick it in (they have to run 20 yards before they kick it!). We took some pictures of Janessa & Nathan's games and we will catch some of Harrison's next week. Next week will be the end of Spring onto baseball.