Saturday, April 25, 2009

Andrew's Prom...

Andrew took a darling girl named Whitney McLelland to prom.

They had such a great time.

He went with three of his best friends and their dates.

Lonnie & Shae.

Cameron & Beth.

Aaron & Cheyenne (one of my favorite Young Women).

They went on a day date to Trafalga and then went home to get ready.

The night started off with dinner at my friend, Christine Nieporte's house. Andrea Walters and Heidi Alldredge, two of the moms, helped me make dinner.

Cameron's little sister helped serve and did such a cute job.

We had shrimp cocktail and appetizers made with brie cheese & blackberry jam baked in puff pastry. We served tomato basil soup and Caesar salad with edible flowers (the kids even ate them).

We had a lemon sorbet to "cleanse the palette" before the main course. We served chicken cordon blue, made with prosciutto, garlic mashed potatoes and veggies.

For dessert, my friend Cindy Fisher and her girls came over the night before to help make crème brulee.

We had a couple of chocolate dipped strawberries and a mint cup.

The kids had a great time in their private dining room. After dinner they went to the dance and had a really fun night.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break in Moab...

We spent a couple of days in Moab for Spring Break. We had a great time while staying with my family and tried to take advantage of some hiking opportunities. We brought my parents back to our house to spend a few days while my mom had surgery. We loved having them around for the week.

This is one of my favorite views from my house in Moab. The sunset as we pulled up on Easter Sunday was gorgeous.

Mom's geraniums, she really knows how to take care of plants (I wish that would have been passed down to me).

My nephew Drew took us to Cable Arch. you have to climb up this hill using a metal cable. It was much, much scarier than it looks from here, but the view was well worth the terror.

Cable Arch is to the right, the cable to climb up is on the left.

Once we were on top, Rick checked his email. I love how he can do his work out in the middle of nowhere.

The view of the La Sal mountains off in the distance was stunning.

The boys.

The neverending hunt for lizzards.

A single cactus in the desert.

Harrison loved hiking around and climbing on everything.

We also hiked in the Devil's Garden area of the arches. This is Tunnel Arch.

Landscape Arch.

This is where Wall Arch used to be, it fell last summer.

Pine Tree Arch.

Rick & Nathan playing hide and seek while hiking through Devil's Garden.

The kids trying to hide and pretend they were sleeping.

Navajo Arch.

The view of the sunset in Devil's Garden.

When we came home, this was our big surprise.

My Dad wanted to listen to Rush Limbaugh, but I didn't. Andrew was kind enough to let Grandpa use his Skull Candy headphones. Everyone was happy.

My sister Debbie. She was really happy at our house, until Mom left for her surgery, then Debbie wouldn't even look at me. Little brat!

The Nelsons came over for Sunday dinner before Mom & Dad went home. It was finally nice enough weather that the kids ate outside.