Friday, September 11, 2009

Visiting the ZOO babies...

Look what we got when we entered the zoo! A pink chocolate elephant to celebrate the new arrival of the zoo's baby elephant.

We had planned on going to the zoo anyway on the boys' day off school, but this was icing on the cake!

There was a ton of press taking lots of pictures of "baby" elephant. I was very jealous of their cameras!

A close-up of the chocolate elephant. I was just so impressed. We tried to save one for Janessa, but it was just a melted pink blob by the time we got home.

Nathan didn't waste any time eating his elephant!

The baby elephant was a little quiet and sleepy when we arrived first thing in the morning. We thought it would be a "zoo" when we arrived, but there weren't many people there other than the press.

We ran over to the Asian Highlands to see the action over there. I think this leopard wanted to eat the boys!

The new baby snow leopard snuggling with his mom. I think this is the same position they were in when we visited last month. Lazy leopards!

The mother giraffe was trying to eat the "Do not feed animals" sign!

She was trying to get the boys to feed her something good!

The baby giraffe (that we happened to see the day she was born last month) was really playful and cute!

These were the three new baby tigers... not very active!

We ventured back to say goodbye to the baby. She was much more active and playful. KSL News interviewed the boys about visiting her. The boys got to vote on her new name. Such a fun day!