Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nathan at Thanksgiving Point

Nathan went with his preschool class to Thanksgiving Point today. They went and visited the farm. He loved the baby cows (they look really uncomfortable when they sleep), the sheep, horses, goats, turkeys, and baby chicks. He was grossed out when he fed the goat and it licked his hand! He kept wiping it on things the rest of the time. They got to ride horses. His friend Daxon is one of his best buddies. A huge dust storm came while they were riding the horses and the day got cut short. After the storm passed we went to the Discovery Park and had popcicles. What a fun day. Nathan is really going to miss preschool, but Mrs. Strong (his current teacher) will also be his kindergarten teacher! That will be fun for him. He is very excited to start kindergarten!