Thursday, January 29, 2009

Maison bienvenue Brennan...

My nephew Brennan just arrived home yesterday, after serving a mission for 2 years in France. We are so happy to have him home! Since Lisa's mission farewell will be the same day as his homecoming in Moab, we will all be missing it. So, we had a big celebration for him on his way home from the airport last night.

Lisa & Brennan were happy that they got to see each other quickly before she heads to Japan. Notice the cute sign that Andrew drew and Harrison & Nathan colored. Andrew even sketched the Eifel Tower, I was pretty impressed!

We had lots of yummy food; soups, french cheeses, rolls and delicious desserts!

Brennan is my oldest brother Dave's son. This is Dave, Kyle (his oldest son), Kyle's son Porter and Dave's wife Carri.

We had to grab a quick shot of Andrew & Brennan before Andrew had to run to his Young Men activity.

Nathan was so excited to see Brennan. He loved decorating the house in "French" decor and watched out the window for him (until Mark came and he had to go play Wi with him).

This is a picture that I stole from Carri's blog, which she stole from her daughter Kimbrey's blog... I just thought it was such a cute picture of Brennan and his shoes. They were brand new when he left. He really wore out those shoes, tracting and walking while serving the Lord. We are so happy for such great examples in our family.


Moab Cozzens said...

Ellen - I am going to send you a nice card, but meanwhile, thank you so much for the get together . . and the yummy food! We were SO hungry and it was so nice to see everyone. It iced Brennan's day. Your thoughtfulness is such a great example to me. Scattered though we are, (our families, the Cozzens, scattered across the world I mean, not that my family is, well, you know, scattered!) thanks for holding us all together.

Deon said...

Wow! You sure know how to throw a party! I love the sign your boys made--very cute!

Kimbrey-Daniel said...

I'm so sad we missed it! Good food, great company, looks like a fun party!