Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 1: Rome & The Vatican...

We arrived in Rome bright and early Friday morning. Aunt Karen met us and drove the kids and luggage back to the mission home while Rick and I rented the car (the monster white mission van is in the background).

When they got to the villa, the girls (Marianne & Stephanie) took the kids down to the neighborhood market and to Duvis' place for some pizza. Andrew took these pictures of their first little adventure in the big city...

When Rick and I got back with the car, we went down to the Vatican to see the museum and St. Peter's Cathedral. We needed to do everything we could to keep the kids awake.

Janessa couldn't wait to drink out of all of the fountains in Italy!

Janessa tried so hard to look the other way when there were naked statues! :)

Nathan thought the Egypgian mummies were pretty mesmorising!

The Royal Guards letting a nun into the restricted area.

Janessa wishes she had a bath like this one at home!

Michelangelo's Pieta

The kids in front of St. Peter's Square.

The Christmas Tree was so beautiful!

Jet lag hit them hard during the museum visit!

This was my favorite tapestry last time, I just had to get another picture of it.

After leaving the Vatican, we went out for our first gelato. The kids had a goal of eating it every day of our trip (we made it most days).

At the end of the night we met the Acersons at the church and attended their ward Christmas party. We got to see our great friends the Montagnolis, who moved there for a year. It was so fun to see them before they came home for the holidays. (I forgot to get a picture of them, just got one of Lucia and Santa is all.)

Harrison was hesitant to go and visit Santa (who happened to be our friend Artan), until he saw that he gave Nathan Kinder eggs and then he ran up and left all inhibitions behind. It was a great, fun-filled first day in Rome and everyone went to bed exhausted!


Stacy said...

Those pictures bring back so many memories. The Christmas tree at the Vatican. It was so fun to go during christmas. Can't wait to see all the pictures!

Deon said...

Gee whiz, girl! This is such a fabulous experience to give to your kids!!! I adore the ancient architecture, the embellishments, the old world artistry. It is so rich and gorgeous. Our yucky steel and glass buildings in the U.S.A. can't even begin to touch what you have seen. IMHO, that is. Just speakin' for myself here.