Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg...

Colonial Williamsburg exceeded my expectations, to say the least. Here are a couple of pictures I snapped while we toured around the town. This is the Fifes and Drums performing group as they paraded down the street Saturday morning.

Some of the homes and buildings were the originals, and some were restored to their original design.

We loved going to the courthouse to see trials in action. We also got to go to a witch trial, "Cry Witch," Saturday night. That was very entertaining.

One of the many things that Sharon had planned for us was a carriage ride. It was so much fun! This carriage we rode in was over 150 years old! Tommy was our driver, he is a former jockey. We met lots of people like Tommy & Edwin Green (a painter, I fell in love with his artwork but forgot to take a picture) who have had an amazing life and have retired here in Williamsburg. What a great retirement!

This is the Governor's Palace, one of my favorite buildings. Seven Royal Governors lived here, including Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry.

I loved the interior of the palace. I especially loved the colors they used, like this bright green.

In the back of the palace, in one of the outbuildings, they had a cooking demonstration. They taught what kinds of foods they prepared at that time and the methods used. Rick was disappointed that he didn't get to try all the food they were making!

This was Rick's favorite building, the Magazine. He seriously spent 30 minutes in there, looking at all the guns!

I loved this pair of scissors in the dress shop window.

This wig was in one of the rooms. I learned that a lot of the phrases we use nowadays are from colonial times. For instance, the more wealthy/powerful you were the bigger wig you had on your head. That is where the phrase "Big Wig" comes from.


Stacey said...

Ellen, it looks so amazing! I want to go so badly! I am glad you guys had such a nice trip...I love looking at all the pictures!

wild murdocks said...

I love the green too! Looks like a wonderful time!