Sunday, February 22, 2009

A gorgeous day for skiing...

Rick loves to ski. He grew up in Colorado. I went skiing a couple of times in high school. My first trip I jumped off of the ski lift, afraid to continue up the steep mountain (I was too scared to get off the lift at mid-way with my friends). I have done much better since then, but I really don't enjoy it. I would pretend to like it to impress Rick once in a while, or go with him when our kids were young to help out.

This year I have decided to stop pretending I like it. Rick took the family skiing yesterday at Brighton, and I stayed home. I was tempted to go at the last minute, since half of what I hate is the cold weather (it was a gorgeous sunny day). But, the pure expense of skiing is the other thing that gets to me (oh, and the fact that everyone is always trying to force me down a black diamond). I decided I would save the money and stay home.

They had a great time. Andrew even tried snowboarding this time. He is very good at skiing, but learned quickly that snowboarding is WAY different. He is very sore today!

Harrison has been with his friend, Ben, a couple of times this season. They go to Sundance whenever there is a day off of school. They take lessons half of the day and ski the remainder. Harrison has loved it this year. This photo was taken by Bonnie McMillan (Ben's mom) at Sundance a couple of weeks ago.


mindy said...

I am so with you on hating it. Charles loves it and I can't stand it for all the reasons you mentioned. Glad they had fun and hope you had fun at home.

Leslie Jam said...

Great pictures!