Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Fun...

Halloween this year was so much fun. Janessa decided to dress up at the last minute. She and Lizzy went to school together in their costumes...aren't they just adorable? She was someone from the 7th Harry Potter book (I can't remember who) and Lizzy was Medusa.

We really got off easy this year. Harrison wanted to be a baloon head (something his older brother Andrew came home as one day). Nathan actually wanted to be a ghost, "a sheet with holes cut in it," were his actual words. No complaints here! When we watched Charlie Brown, he was excited that they were all wearing his costume!

We had a fun dinner with the kids before they went out to trick-or-treat. This year was nice, it didn't seem as rushed as others. I think it is the fact that daylight savings time was delayed. I vote to keep it that way! More time for the kids to have fun.

Bruce & Carolyn came by with Elizabeth. She was a cat, and an adorable one! I think I took more pictures of her than my own kids! I miss having a little girl around. The kids adore her. She runs so fast, it is hard to catch a picture of her...I was surprised I actually got some. Rick hung a huge spider from our light above our front porch. He attached it to fishing wire and he dropped it on kids' heads as he opened the door. Elizabeth was just giggling and giggling while it got her. Rick also loves to have the fog machine going and scary music (which we forgot this year).

We ended the night at Baba & Grandpa's house. We had some nice surprise trick-or-treaters while we were there. See "Andrew's new passion...Lacrosse" blog to see the pictures.



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