Friday, November 16, 2007

Family Pictures...

We finally ventured out and tried a different photographer. We've gone to Melanie Paxton for about 9 years now. We have a lot of friends who have gone to Peek-a-Boo photos in Pleasant Grove, so we thought we would give them a go. They are really wonderful. We shot the kids' pictures in a big field of leaves over by the Developmental Center, across from the Timpanogos Temple. After that, we went over by Micron and shot a couple of family pictures. They turned out nice.

I had a fun idea for a Christmas card and Katie even sat with me for about 2 hours creating it! She was so sweet to help me.

The only problem with these pictures are that the kids look too makes me sad!


Stacey said...

Ellen, I love these pictures of your family! They turned out so good!