Friday, November 2, 2007

Andrew's new passion.....Lacrosse!

Andrew has decided to play lacrosse now. He played football for 3 years, but wanted to try something new this year. He is playing for the Lone Peak J.V. team. He has really loved it! Their team had a great season and would have been ranked in the top three, but they didn't end up having we will never know. We didn't realize how violent the sport was, until we watched his first game.

The point of lacrosse (for those who don't know), is to get the ball (very small) into your net, which is at the end of a very long stick. You have to then keep it in there, while you run to the goal as fast as you can, and throw it in. Sounds easy? Well, then there are a million guys (usually all bigger than you) trying to hit you really hard with their sticks to make you drop your ball, then they get it and start running to their goal with it. That is my extensive knowledge of the game. Oh well, if Andrew is having fun...that's all that matters.

Andrew has met some fun friends during lacrosse. Matt & Brennan to name just a couple. The boys got together for Halloween at Brennan's house. They wanted to go to a neighborhood haunted house and to trick-or-treat. Brennan's mom told them that they had to wear costumes if they wanted to go out. She brought out the costume box, which included many costumes that belonged to Brennan's younger sister. They were brave and bold. They dressed up and had a fun time. Unfortunatelly for them, we were at Baba & Grandpa's house (with a camera) when they came to the door trick-or-treating! These are priceless pictures, one of those times where you were in the right place at the right time (with a camera)!