Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Harrison...

In honor of Harrison's birthday, I got out the scrapbook and started reminiscing. I thought it was completely selfish of me to laugh and cry while looking at these pictures alone, so I thought I would share. Boy, how I wish digital cameras were around when my kids were born. I had to scan these, and they didn't turn out great (they are actually beautiful pictures in the book). But, I thought you would enjoy some of them.

Harrison was supposed to be born on September 21st. I was born on my dad's birthday, as a birthday present to him while he was in the hospital (read Karen's blog for that story). Since Harrison was due on that day, I thought it was perfect...fate, if you will. He didn't think so. He decided that he didn't want to share a birthday with us, so he came 5 days later. We still named him after my dad (middle names are both Oliver).

Sometimes you have to lie and say that someones baby is really cute, when we all know most newborns aren't that cute. Well, I'm so glad that nobody had to lie to me...everyone knew that Harrison was the cutest newborn baby ever born. (He did have a little bruising, however, from coming out upside down and face first. My doctor wanted me to name him Jamal.) Diaper courtesy of my limited knowledge of Photoshop (you are welcome, Harrison).

Now, we get to the really funny pictures. 10 years doesn't seem too long ago, does it? But take a look at Logan and Devan. If anyone knows Logan now, you know that he is very handsome. It sure gives hope to those nerdy teenagers now, doesn't it?

This is such a great one too. Carri and her kids; Jill, Kimbrey and Brennan. Brennan is serving a mission in France and Kimbrey and Jill are both married with adorable sons of their own. Jill, I am so sorry...I tried using Photoshop like you have taught me, but there really wasn't anything I could do for you!

I know this picture is super dark, darn that scanner. But, I thought it was a really cute one of Rick's sister Leslie with Harrison.

Andrew loved his new baby brother...until he started stealing his Legos!

Janessa loved him too, until he was 5 years old and started playing the piano better than she did...without lessons!

Here's me, 25 years old with my third child. How about my Jennifer Aniston hair cut...didn't I look just like her? This was Harrison's blessing day...I remember him sleeping through most of it. He was so sweet.

This is Rick's family at Harrison's blessing, right after our trip to the tanning salon. (Just kidding...I don't know why these are all scanning with such crazy colors, but it's too late at night to deal with it, so just pretend they went tanning.) Sarah is so cute and little!

Here's my crazy family at the blessing. Not only do we look like we are sunburned, but we look like we escaped some loony hospital. Check out Devan's face, what happened? I can't remember. Mark is attacking Kimberly. What in the world is wrong with Scotty? Such a funny picture. I love Janessa sitting on my dad's desk, just as I did as a little girl. Elaine's hair was dark back then. (She was the first to see Harrison, she dropped by the hospital early and saw the birth.) Brian is now on a mission in Florida...he looks so young. Harrison sure has been blessed with a wonderful, crazy family that loves him so much!

Man, it's amazing how fast time flies. Kimberly (on the right) is the one who just arrived this week in Milan, Italy, on an LDS mission. Lisa and Marianne look so young.

This is my favorite. A picture of Rick's sister Karen. She passed away when Harrison was still a baby. She was such a wonderful aunt to her nieces and nephews. She taught school at Timpanogos High School, right up the street from where we lived. She would come and get our kids after school ended, and then run back quickly so she could show them off to her students.

After she passed away I would cry every time I thought about Harrison never remembering her. I know that she is a very special guardian angel of his.

Happy Birthday Harrison, your family loves you so very much.


Leslie Jam said...

Well Ellen thank you for making me cry! I love the pictures and remember quite well the day that sweet Harrison wsa born.

Happy Birthday Harrison!

Moab Cozzens said...

That was a great walk down memory lane. Who was that cute Mom with those darling Cozzens kids? Tell Harrison Happy Birthday from us!!

Morkthefied said...

Ellen, I can't stop weaping after reading your post and then your sister's post. Good stuff--really good stuff.

Kim said...

Andrew looks just like Nathan! So cute. I can't believe how bruised Harrison was. Thank goodness he was your third baby, because I think you would have cried at that face if he were your first!
I remember Karen...She was my science teacher my senior year. She was wonderful and one of the only teachers that actually made me think science could be more interesting than nerdy. I'm sure she is still doing good work.

Kenny, Jill and Aiden said...

Ok, what is it you were trying so hard to fix with photoshop I wonder, I thought I was beautiful!

Ellen James said...

Oh Jill, you are beautiful! The problem was entirely with the scanning of the picture. It had nothing to do with that cute haircut or darling smile...they are great!

I love you!

three boys mom said...

looking at that picture of you holding harrison on his blessing day- (and yes, you do like jennifer aniston, only better!)i would have for sure thought "teen pregnancy" if i didn't know better -and to think he was your THIRD! your lucky kids- having such a young, energetic mom. mine get the senior citizen version of mom- sigh, already completely exhausted and worn out and they're all still so young. loved this blog entry!

pilatesmommy said...

He is such a cute boy! I loved looking through your family pics. You truly have a beautiful family!