Friday, September 26, 2008

Harrison's Birthday Celebrations...

We only do Birthday parties every other year for our kids. On the other years, usually the even birthdays, we take them out on a date with mom & dad. We let them pick their favorite restaurant (we still love Nathan the most because he picks

On Harrison's birthday, it just happened to be a day off of school for he and Nathan, so Harrison agreed that Nathan could come with us.

Rick took the day off and we went up to the Clark Planetarium and out to lunch at Tucano's, an all-you-can-eat Brazilian Steak House (his favorites are always expensive).

We had such a great day with Harrison, he is really a joy to be around. He is always so happy, excited and positive. The boys had fun at the Planetarium. They pretended to walk on the moon, enjoyed a 3-D movie and wandered around looking at the exibits.

When Harrison was young, he would get into more trouble than all of my kids combined! We used to say that he would either end up in the State Prison or become the President of the United States. We are sure glad that it is now looking more like the latter one.

On Sunday we invited Rick's parents over for dinner and a birthday celebration. They were babysitting Jared & Jackie's kids, so we got to have them over as well. It was so much fun. Harrison got to choose his favorite dinner (which was really hard for him, since he loves EVERYTHING) and cake...he picked angel food with strawberries.

We love Harrison so much and we are proud of the boy he has become. Happy 10th birthday, Harrison.


Las Vegas Nielsen's said...

I remember the summer my kids and I came to visit you and we stayed a couple of nights, I thought it was so funny that you had made some kind of device to put on the top of his crib to keep him in cuz he was such an active kid!