Friday, September 26, 2008

Ten Years ago...

Ten Years ago today Harrison joined our family. I got to take treats into his class yesterday (as today school is out, on account of his birthday) and the kids were so darling! Harrison had requested Rolo cookies and all of the 4th graders asked for the recipe...I guess that's a compliment! He has a wonderful teacher this year named Mrs. Knight. She is new to the school and a great addition...she is funny and kind and smart and good at discipline...everything a teacher should be.

Mrs. Knight had Harrison stand up front and she read his "All About Me" paper (that he wrote). Here it is, just for fun:

All About Me
Full Name: Harrison Oliver James (After Grandpa Cozzens)
Age: 9 (Now 10)
Birthday: September 26, 1998
Number of People in my family: 6
My Pets: 2 cats, sally, comet and midnight (who shows up once every 6 months)

Song: Viva la Vida, move along & Dani California
Movie: ?
TV Show: Sonic X
Restaurant: Tempenyaki (his spelling, not mine)
Family Activity: going to my grandma's on special ocacions (when the teacher asked which Grandma, he said both)
Animal: Cheetah
Game: ticket to ride
Book: hardy boys
Scripture: if any of you lack wisdom let him... James 1:5
After-school activity: homework, clean (brown-noser)
Color: blue
Talent/hobby: piano, run, read
Famous Person: ?
Childhood Memory: a trip to disney land
Food: all foods (the truth...he eats everything)
Treat: all treats
Saturday activity: play with friends
Sport: baseball (which is weird, because he chose to play soccer this year)
Season: summer
Holiday: christmas (wouldn't that be every child's answer?)
Daydream: ?

What I like best about school: everything (like I say, brown-noser)
Favorite thing about my mother: how she is always nice (now that one is true!)
Favorite thing about my father: he is fun to play with (so true as well)

Happy Birthday to Harrison!

Harrison's Favorite Rolo Cookies...
1 cup Butter
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Brown Sugar
2 t. vanilla
2 eggs
1 t. baking soda
2 1/2 cups flour
36 Rolo candies

Mix sugars together with the butter until creamy. Add vanilla and eggs and mix. Add baking soda, mix and then add the flour (sometimes it needs just a tad more). If you have time, refrigerate dough for an hour...if not, just go for it. Take a rolo candy (un-wrapped of course) and wrap a little dough around it, forming a small ball. Roll the ball into sugar and place onto a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 7-9 minutes. Cool for a minute on a wire rack, but not for too long, as they are best warm & gooey and served with cold milk! Yummy!


Leslie Jam said...

I totally love Harrison's answers! What a sweetheart!