Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thinking of the Bleyls...

One week ago today my friend, Traci Bleyl, had a son that passed away. Tyler was a senior in high school, and from what I know of him he was a great young man. They lived just up the street from us, and I am sad that I didn't know him better. We carpooled with his three sisters to and from school for a few years. We love their family very much. His mom Traci is really a great person, one of those people you just instantly like. My heart has been breaking for her all week long. As a mother, I can't imagine losing a child. Our family's thoughts and prayers have been with their family as well.

Yesterday afternoon was the funeral for Tyler. Janessa went because Kennedi (his sister) had asked her if she was going…she felt like she needed to be there for her. Our friends, the Banks, were gracious enough to take Janessa, as I was helping with a nursery for their ward. I was sad to miss the funeral; I heard from everyone that it was wonderful. His dad, Rob, spoke and apparently it was beautiful. I don’t think I could never speak at my child's funeral; it takes someone special to be able to do that. His sisters, Kennedi and Taylor, sang and I would have loved to have been able to hear them. They are such special girls in my heart (along with their sister Maddy).

After the funeral dinner, the Bleyl family came home to a neighborhood full of luminaries. I had heard that they were lit Friday night, the night after he passed away. I was disappointed that I had missed them. As I was talking to my friend Deon last night, she told me that the luminaries were lit again. Rick and I drove up to see them and I took my camera. There was no way to capture the peace and feeling there, or the magnitude of of the hundreds of luminaries lighting the way to their home. What a wonderful way for their neighborhood to come together and show their love and support for this family.

As I was leaving the church yesterday, they were setting up for the family dinner. There was a beautiful picture of Tyler, with this saying on it (as I remembered it), "The best way to have a piece of heaven in your home is to have someone you love in heaven." Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with our friends, the Bleyls.


Moab Cozzens said...

Those luminaries were beautiful, they must have been incredible in person. Isn't it so reassuring when a neighborhood pulls together like that? It gives you hope in an unsure world.

Deon said...

Wow! What a beautiful post, and the pictures are gorgeous, Ellen. You've created such a lovely feeling in my heart as you have so accurately described the events of this past week. And you are right that our neighborhood has truly come together and bonded over this tragedy. Sometimes sweet blessings can come from astoundingly hard trials.