Friday, October 31, 2008

Celebrating Halloween...

We really had a fun time this year during Halloween. I helped at Harrison's 4th grade classroom Halloween party on Thursday. We decorated pumpkins with pipe cleaners, googly eyes, doll hair, pom poms, glitter, feathers, etc. I usually do this project for one of my kids each year and it always amazes me how creative the kids are with the supplies. I was really on the ball that day and even remembered to bring my camera, however the card wasn't in there! I think Mrs. Knight has some pictures, so I will post them later if I get some.

We waited until the last minute (Thursday night) to carve pumpkins. Since carving pumpkins is my very least favorite tradition, I conveniently went out to dinner with the ladies in the neighborhood to celebrate October birthdays. When I came home, pumpkins were lit on the porch and all the insides were thrown away. Thanks Rick! Janessa went all out carving her pumpkin, going with the "hippie" theme.

Harrison carved Sonic.

Nathan wanted a nice face with a gold tooth.

Harrison & Nathan didn't have to go to school on Halloween (they have some Fridays off), so we grabbed Harrison's friend Ben and went out to lunch and to Cornbelly's. It's a really fun little place that they create at Thanksgiving Point during the month of October. The kids loved it. Nathan is batman, Harrison is the scary "Scream" guy, and Ben is a storm-trooper.

I thought this parking sign at Cornbelly's was hilarious!

We went on a hay ride. This was the bumpiest hay ride I have ever been on. I was super sick afterwards!

Nathan especially loved the pit of corn. He could have played in there for hours and hours!

Nathan and I hung out a lot by ourselves while Ben & Harrison went around on their own. I really have a fun time when it is just Nathan & I...he is so much fun to be with!

He is such a tease. They have a tractor that pulls a train of cow cars. He got in the last car and was waving as they went on a little ride through the hay. While he was on the ride, I went to check on Harrison & Ben. I got back over when they were coming back around. He wasn't in the cow at the end!! I was trying really hard not to panic, thinking he is old enough not to fall out. I had a million thoughts going through my head, 'did he jump out in the middle?' 'did someone take him?' 'could someone really have taken him?'. Just when I couldn't breathe, he jumped up out of the cow car and was laughing! He just hid at the bottom to tease me. It worked!

We scored with Nathan's costume this year. He was going through the costume bin and wanted to be batman (this was his costume two years ago!). He does look super handsome as batman! He really acted the part the entire day too!

After the kids came home from school and we got back from Cornbelly's, the kids had some fun with the left-over mini pumpkins. They got all the supplies out and decorated a few, then they started carving the little ones all by themselves! Janessa & Harrison did most of them and then they put them all up the steps and lit them! I forgot to take a picture that night, so I ran out this morning and took some pictures of them. I thought it was a cute idea. I love it when they are old enough to do creative things like that on their own.

We had some dinner together. I made some yummy butternut squash soup & hot rolls. The kids helped make homemade root beer...they love that tradition every year.

Janessa & Lizzy went to a Halloween party. They were dressed up as "Peace" and "Quiet"... which is really funny if you know them at all.

I dressed up as Sarah Palin (sorry, pictures didn't work out) and went trick-or-treating with Harrison & Nathan (and Parker). My outfit was fun, but I didn't think it through very well. The high-heels aren't really the proper attire for walking up and down our hills in the rain. My feet hurt really badly afterwards.

Andrew's costume was the scariest of all! He announced that he is way too old to dress up! He & Cameron had a fun Halloween party with some marching band friends. They played games, ate treats and watched "The Others" in the theater room. I didn't take any pictures of that either! But, they had a really fun time!


Carolyn said...

Looks like you had a fun Halloween. I love the pumpkin with the glasses and the hair.