Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lagoon is totally wicked...

Andrew finally had a Saturday off from marching band, and nothing was on our calendar (that hasn't happened in nearly 3 months). So, we took off to enjoy a day at Lagoon. We try to go to Lagoon once a year and usually during Frightmares. They have haunted houses and scary attractions. We were so glad that that the weather was perfect.

We had one of the funnest days ever with our kids. Nathan is finally tall enough to ride all of the roller coasters! We started off split-up like we usually do. I went with Nathan on some of the kiddie rides and Rick took the kids on the new ride, Wicked. They came and found us and said that Nathan & I HAD to ride it...they loved it so much. We finally convinced Nathan to ride it with us. While waiting in line, he decided it looked WAY too scary for him and declared that he was NOT going on it. Rick kept talking him into it. Finally, as we were loading into the car, he started freaking out. He was crying and screaming. I told Rick that we shouldn't make him go, but Rick insisted that he would like it. As we took off, his face was filled with terror. I felt that we had made a HUGE mistake. The ride shoots off, right at the beginning, 110 feet up, going 40 mph. and then dives down and does some cork-screws. I looked at Rick and yelled to him that he was in so much trouble! Nathan looked like he was going to pass out! Once the ride finally ended, with tears in his eyes, sniffling, he said, "Can we go again?" He ended up riding that one about 10 times. We rode all of the "scary" roller coasters and rides with him. Every time he would come to a new one, he would get nervous, but once he tried it...he declared it his to be his new favorite and wanted to go again.

We had so much fun, we stayed until it closed at 11 p.m. It was a perfect day spent with the family.