Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Loving the city of Lucca...

Lucca is a beautiful city. It is surrounded by an ancient city wall, which has a wide path on top. Many people enjoy the view on top by biking and walking around the city.

Lucca is very quaint and doesn't seem to have very many tourists. My mom actually saw Lucca on a HGTV show. She said that if she ever had to move, that is where she would want to live. This, if you knew my mother, is saying a lot. I took lots of pictures there for my mom, and I hope she enjoys them.

When we first arrived in Lucca, we decided to stop at this little cafe for pastries.

Then we went here and rented some bicycles to ride around on top of the city wall. We had a blast!

I hadn't had that much fun on a bike in a long time! It reminds me that I really want to get myself a fun bike (I'm the only one in my family without one!).

I don't know if I had mentioned it or not, but Karen's friend Pam is nicer than I am. She wore a skirt every day, since Karen had to. I felt bad for Karen, but not badly enough to wear a skirt the entire trip! And, it paid off this day when they had to ride their bikes in the skirts! They did a mighty fine job of it though. Oh, by the way, I think between the skirts, three women & one man, and the missionary tag...we looked a lot like polygamists. I was very happy to not have a skirt on once I realized that!

This is some random guy. He rode by as I was snapping pictures of everyone else. I felt bad, leaving him out of our picture taking. I thought he was kind of cute, in his own special way.

There were so many older men walking, riding bikes and just sitting around visiting. It looks like a great place to retire. I'll put this city on my list as another option!

This is the baptistery here in Lucca.

This is a little candy stand that I bought some treats for the kids at.

An adorable gelato shop, with the perfect name.

Even better inside!

There were beautiful buildings all around the city.

Click on this picture to do it justice... We were there pretty early in the morning. This was a nun who had peeked her head out of this little window.

This is the building that I wanted to show Jenny Miller. She is my friend who does photography (Over the Moon) and always loves to find old, unique buildings to use as backdrops. Sorry we aren't as good of photographers (or models for that matter). But, we thought she would enjoy seeing this. Maybe she could go and do a photo shoot in Lucca!