Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The suspension bridge at Mammiano...

Nino & Betty took us into the mountains of Tuscany to a suspended bridge. I had never realized that the mountains in Italy would be so lush and green. They are beautiful!

The suspension bridge at Mammiano was built in 1922 by the engineer Vincenzo Douglas Scotti. It was built to create a shortcut for workers from Popiglio to get to the ironworks in the opposite valley. At its highest point the bridge is 35 metres tall, and 212.4 metres long. It is one of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in the world. They have added to it over the years to help make it more secure.

Nino loves to entertain and serve others. He is a very nice man. He brought along lots of Fanta soda, he has a thing for soda (COLD soda, which is unusual for an Italian).

Betty's sweet mom, Eleonora Morelli, and her dog came along with us. It was so fun to meet her, she was just adorable.

On our drive, we could see the usual Tuscan hillsides, but as we drove it just got more and more green and lush.

This is the view coming back down from the mountain. You can see the city of Pistoia (where Nino & Betty live, just outside of Florence).