Sunday, November 23, 2008

A diamond jubilee...

Grandpa James' birthday was last week. We celebrated on Sunday by throwing him a surprise party!

We all went over together and rang the doorbell. Baba answered and told Grandpa that there were some scouts at the door. He was surprised to see the kids instead.

He had just turned 75, so Leslie thought it would be fun to have a "diamond" theme. Most of his gifts had something to do with diamonds. Our gifts included Diamond matches, a candy diamond ring (Nathan's idea), a story about a baseball diamond (Lou Gehrig) and even coupons for Diamond Parking (Rick's idea).

Emma insisted on helping Grandpa open his cards and gifts (this is him reading Janessa's card).

Hannah & Harrison

Sarah & Janessa

He asked his oldest grandson (Andrew) to light the candles on the cake.

Then, all of the grand kids wanted a turn. It's a good thing we didn't put 75 on! Happy Birthday Grandpa, we really love you!


Leslie Jam said...

I love the pictures Ellen!

The Woolston Family said...

I love the James family. MarLynn was the Bishop during our early years in Greeley. He and Sister James look great! Thanks for sharing.