Monday, November 10, 2008

A weekend with Bear...

Nathan got to bring Bear, the Guinea pig, home for the weekend. His science teacher, Mrs. Jewel, lets the kids take turns. They bring him home Friday after school, and take him back to school Monday morning. He was so excited on Friday, he just couldn't wait.

Bear was very well taken care of this weekend. He ate lots of carrots and celery while he was visiting. Nathan would put his cage right next to his bed at nights. He would make these cute little squealing noises.

Bear was a little nervous, as he is pretty little. Rick wondered why he was so scared. I told him that the poor thing goes home with a different first grader every weekend. Do you blame him for being timid? Nathan took him back to school today. I'm sure that Bear feels lucky each time he arrives safely to school Monday mornings.


Carolyn said...

I love your new blog make-over!

Deon said...

I'll bet that Bear feels lucky to be back at school safe and sound . . . but aren't you feeling lucky (and just a little relieved) that nothing happened to Bear on your watch? Could you imagine the ire those first graders would have for the James family if something were to have happened to little Bear? Quite the responsibility. Whew! (That's a sigh of relief on your behalf :))