Thursday, November 13, 2008

The towering San Gimignano...

San Gimignano is a city that towers above the Tuscan hillside...literally. It has 14 preserved towers, which is amazing since any towers of significant size were mostly destroyed in other cities throughout Italy. The village was founded in 3rd century BC. The towers are what makes this city famous and you can see them from a far distance. It is sometimes known as the Manhattan of Italy.

How would you like to have this as your soccer field, what a view!

There were tons of gorgeous olive trees. I had never seen olive trees until this visit to Italy. They were different in person than I had imagined, much more beautiful.

It was the best, most beautiful view of the Tuscan hills that we saw. The view was spectacular from every side of the city walls.


The Woolston Family said...

Okay, I just have to leave a comment. I LOVE looking at all your pictures and hearing about your adventure. You don't know me but I found a link to your family blog through Mark and Stacey's blog. I grew up in the same ward as the James family so I know your husband and wanted to see what his family was like. Handsome family, by the way. Anyway, thanks for your posts. It is like a vicarious vacation.