Monday, March 10, 2008

Chicago with Nathan & Harrison...

We had such a fun time with the boys in Chicago!

The first stop we made was to Giordono's Pizzeria. This is our favorite deep dish pizza place and we wanted them to get their first taste of Chicago there. They were thrilled! Harrison said that he could eat 2 pieces of pizza and we laughed! If you have never had deep dish pizza (and I'm terribly sorry if you haven't), you have to understand that you can't even hardly finish one slice, let alone two! I don't even think he ate all of his first slice!

Deep dish pizza was the surprise that we brought back home to the other kids. We picked up a half-baked pizza on our way to the airport and then we finished baking it at home the next was wonderful!

We stayed at the Conrad Hilton, it was a beautiful, very fancy, hotel. We had a suite that looked out over the John Hancock building and the Chicago Tribune building. We had a balcony outside of our room that looked out onto Michigan Avenue. We were right next to the Nordstrom mall that had the Lego was a wonderful location. Our favorite hotel of all of our stays in Chicago. They were so helpful and kind to us, especially when Nathan threw-up his dinner on the marble floor next to the 5-star restaurant!

The boys slept next to the window watching the city lights. The John Hancock building was green for St. Patrick's day. They watched it until it finally turned off it's lights and then they fell asleep.