Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nathan's 6th Birthday....

Nathan had such a fun Birthday! He woke up to Andrew, Janessa, Harrison, Mom & Dad singing "Happy Birthday" to him with breakfast in bed. The kids always get to choose their Birthday breakfast the day before. He put in his order of pancakes, "double-eggs" (two eggs fried together), and bacon. We also gave him his birthday present...a brand new kitty cat! Needless to say, he didn't eat much of his breakfast!
He named her Sally (it is Jimmy Neutron's girlfriend). She is adorable and has been snuggled more than any cat ever has! Nathan didn't want to leave her to go to school, but we promised that she would be O.K.

Nathan's school class got to go to the Bean Museum at BYU, I chaperoned them. He had so much fun with his friends running around seeing all of the animals there. He even got to pet a snake! We had cookies for treats on the way home from the museum.

Once we were home from school, some neighborhood boys came over and Rick, Sytske and I took them all to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum in Salt Lake City. They had a blast! It was a little hard to keep an eye on 9 boys, but we didn't loose any of them! They got to even play on a real life-flight helicopter! We had cupcakes out on the deck next to the helicopter.
It's a really good thing that my friend Sytske came with me...I could have never done it without her! She is such a cute mom with her boys!Austin...Daxon...Tayson...Parker...Chase...Matthew S...
Oakley...Matthew H...& Nathan...

When we got home Nathan and I flew his new kite at the park for about an hour. Parker and Matthew S. joined us. We then had macaroni and cheese (his favorite dinner), snuggled Sally more and went to bed!

What a perfect birthday!