Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sally the Kitty...

Sally has been such a joy to have around this weekend. At first she was just snuggling all the time with Nathan. I started to think something wasn't quite right with her. But, soon enough, she started to get down and play. She is adorable, jumping and pouncing on shadows, chasing strings and climbing up anything she can get her claws into. She especially loves chasing Nathan down the hall.
We woke up to snow today! We put her out to see what she thought of it...didn't like it at all! I hope she doesn't get too spoiled. She will stay in the house until it gets a little warmer (hopefully soon).

We went and visited friends today and took her along. Boston, Ashton & Olivia loved her too!

This is a very well-loved kitty...I think she is going to love it here!


Galmaran said...
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Stacey said...

Your kitty is so cute, it almost makes me want one! :)