Sunday, April 13, 2008

First day in California...

We got into California late Saturday night. There was just enough time to explore our totally awesome beach house (3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens & 2 family rooms) and walk over to see the ocean (or hear it because it was so dark). Our place was right on Mission Blvd. & Brighton Street, on Mission Beach. You went down a little path-way to the ocean. You pass a couple of darling beach houses on the way with beautiful flowers in their yards. It takes about 30 seconds to get to the beach (10 for Nathan & Harrison).
Nathan woke up the next morning bright and early (which Rick & I didn't enjoy very much!). He wanted to eat his cereal out on our balcony.
When Harrison finally woke up, they ran down to the beach in their pajammas. Then had their first dip in the ocean.

Nathan found a lady bug and named him "Buggy".

Then it was off to get ready for church. Sytske & Aaron wanted to meet us there. We found the address of the meeting house, it was about 15 minutes away. They had a family ward that met at 9:00 a.m., but we were worried it was too early. We decided to go to the Young Adult ward at 11:00 a.m. (if we had known that Nathan would be up at the crack of dawn, we could have made the 9:00!). We got all ready early and headed for the church. We got there about 10:45 and there were only a couple of people wandering around. One sister was playing on the organ. But, nobody was really sitting down. We decided to go and explore the building. When we got back to the chapel, Sytske's family was there. But still, nobody in the chapel. I asked a couple of people in the hallway if they knew about the 11:00 ward. They said that it just recently moved to the Stake Center. There wasn't another ward in that building until 1:00! They preceded to give us extremely complicated directions to the building (each talking over the other). We left and found it (pretty much on our own).

We arrived just after the Sacrament had been passed, but sat down anyway. We did learn a lot that day...and that was that Young Adult wards have very interesting Testimony meetings. And, you feel really awkward as a family sitting in a chapel of Young Adults. We really tried, so we hope we got credit for at least going to church on our first day of vacation, when it was 90 degrees outside!


Stacy said...

Vacations are so great! I am glad you had fun!

Stacey said...

I think you must get extra blessings for going to a singles ward!! I love the pictures.