Monday, April 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home...

Whew! We are home! Why is it that the trip home always seems so much longer? I swear the drive seemed twice as long coming back today.

It is very cold here in Utah. I think it is actually 35 degrees. I am sitting in my basement shivering right I will make this post very short.

I am very glad to be back home, as are the kids. California was wonderful and it was the perfect time to go. Having grains of sand everywhere does get a little old (I even started finding it in my cereal), and yesterday was overcast and chilly (not as cold as it is here). Our kids are happy to be in their own beds. They are sound asleep now. I am making sure clothes are ready for an early morning tomorrow, school will not wait for us who are still on California time. Rick went to bed shortly after getting home, he isn't feeling well. He did a very good job of getting us home safely. Sally has finally stopped crying in her temporary room (the bathroom...the garage is still too cold). The Barneys next door took very good care of her, but I think she was spoiled! Nathan was so happy to see her tonight.

While getting things ready for tomorrow, I anxiously downloaded my pictures. This was my first real experimentation with my brand-new camera. I had a lot of fun with it this week. I apologize in advance for how many photos may be posted. I did take a lot of pictures. Please feel no obligation to even look at any of them! I will post some tomorrow. But, for now, here are two of my absolute favorites. The one above is of Harrison riding the beach bike. We were on the boardwalk in front of the ocean. It was a beautiful sunset and I took a couple of pictures of the kids riding up and down the boardwalk. Harrison was going too fast for me to catch him, I kept saying to slow down. I followed him with my camera while I took the picture. I didn't think it turned out...but what a fun surprise! I told Rick I would spend the next year trying to duplicate that effect.

The last one is of Nathan enjoying the sunset on Coronado Island. It actually looks like the tail of a whale. It is just him lifting up his arms with his pockets in his sweatshirt.

We really did have a perfect week. I'll post more later...good night for now.


BrucenCarolynJames said...

Welcome home. Can't wait to see your pictures.

Stacey said...

I love that picture of Nathan!

Kenny, Jill and Aiden said...

Hey, cool pictures! That last one was amazing! What kind of camera did you get?