Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Manila 10th Ward Party at the beach...

We knew that Aaron & Sytske (from our ward) were going to be in San Diego...they are the reason we finally decided to go (boy that Sytske is persuasive). But, we also found out that the Sanches family (also from our ward) would be there too! I talked to Maria on Tuesday night and invited them to a little hot dog roast on the beach the next evening. We were all going to be at Sea World the next day, so we were planning on discussing the details there.

When we entered the park that morning, someone ran up behind me and started hugging me so tight and screaming! I thought that was uncharacteristic of sweet, quiet Maria, and I was a bit confused (and scared). It ended up being Shaylee Burns, one of my laurels (I'm sorry, but I still call them mine even though I have since been released from YW)! She and her dad, Scott, were on a little daddy-daughter vacation by themselves! So, we invited them to our party.

We had a great time, even though it was windy and chilly and the food was full of sand (how they have perfect, picturesque picnics on the beach in movies, I will never know). We even teased that maybe we could call it an official ward party and turn in the receipts! What do you think Bishop?

The s'mores were a huge hit...and managed to be sand-free! Scott was the best at roasting marshmallows...they were perfect every time! What a great talent!

We really have some wonderful friends in our ward. We feel very blessed to be surrounded by such good people. Maybe we'll make this an annual tradition and invite the whole ward next year!