Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our last day in sunny (actually cloudy) California...

We had to check out of our condo on Saturday morning. None of us were quite ready to go. For one thing, we had called on Tuesday morning to make an appointment to do baptisms at the San Diego temple and the only slot they had was Saturday at 7:00 p.m. Another thing was that the kids hadn't really gotten to "swim" this trip. They played in the ocean, but Harrison & Nathan didn't love that as much and Andrew & Janessa. They wanted to swim in a pool that didn't have sharks. And, the last reason why we didn't want to leave on Saturday morning, was because I hadn't finished any books and I really wanted to sit in a chair, sunbathe and read.

So, we said goodbye to our awesome condo and said our goodbyes to our little green pathway to the beach. We took one last photo by the ocean and headed to our hotel.

My friend Wendi had told me about this great resort called Paradise Point, right down the road. It is actually on Vacation Island (sounds cooler than it is). It was a great resort and we got a steal for one night in a little bungalow. The only problem was that it was FREEZING cold. We were almost the only ones enjoying the pools.

Rick's idea of sunbathing was a little different than mine. Actually, I felt bad making so much fun of him because when we got home on Sunday, he was super sick. He was catching the flu and was chilled. Pretty funny though, I always tease him about being terrified of sunburns. Everyone who walked by was laughing thier heads off!

Nathan finally started swimming! He has been our hardest child when it comes to water. He takes after his Grandma Cozzens...he hates water going over his head. So, this was quite the accomplishment (that is him under the water). After a while though, he only wanted to be with me in the hot tub!

That night, Rick took Andrew & Janessa to the temple to do baptisms. They had such a great time. That temple sure is beautiful! While they were gone, Nathan, Harrison & I ordered dessert from room service and snuggled in bed and watched National Treasure on the t.v.

What a fun trip. I'm actually pretty glad that it was cold the last day. It made it easier to come home. I still love San Diego and want to move there...even if it is cold once in a blue moon


Stacey said...

Those pictures of Rick are so funny! My kids thought they were great. Sick and he still takes the kids to the temple, that is so awesome. Thanks for your great example!