Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hanging out with Smellie/Hunsaker Family...

We had so much fun with Aaron, Sytske and the boys in San Diego! I had originally looked at going to Mission Beach & Sea World for Spring Break, but had never made final plans. When Sytske found out we were thinking about it, it was all over! She helped find our incredibly cheap condo on the beach and told us the "down-low" on the Sea World deal. She's such a great friend! I was worried about crashing their vacation with their new little family, but it turned out fine (that's my story, call Sytske to get hers).

Daxon & Nathan go to school together. Systke drives them constantly (another reason I love her). They are best friends and are together a lot. They both thought it was the coolest thing in the world to vacation together! They were excited to tell everyone in their kindergarten class.
Tayson is Daxon's little brother and loves to hang-out with the boys after school. he is such a cute little boy!

Sytske & Aaron were just married last fall. Aaron had never been married before and has made such a smooth transition to having a wife AND two boys. I am very happy for both Sytske & Aaron...they are perfect for each other! And, we would love to vacation with them again sometime soon...if they are up to it!