Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kimberly's Mission Call...

I'm posting this for my sister Karen, who is waiting anxiously in Italy to see some please be patient with the number of photos!

My niece Kimberly just got her mission call tonight. It was such an exciting night!

There were a ton of her friends and lots of family there to share the moment. Her family in Italy were able to watch her open it on the web cam (isn't technology just amazing?). There were also lots of cell phones with speaker phones...connecting Grandma & Grandpa Cozzens, Grandma & Grandpa Acerson and Aunt Elaine.

Drum roll (Andrew does a really good one on his drum set, by the way)....

She will be going to Milan, Italy! She will enter into the Mission Training Center in Provo on July 23rd.

We were all so excited! Jennifer & I both guessed Milan (and Kimberly had a feeling that was where she was going). Kimberly's friends from Italy were thrilled!

We love Kimberly so much, she is such a great example in our family. We know that she will be such a great missionary and will use her positive attitude and amazing personality to serve the Lord in this calling. The people in the Milan Mission will be blessed to be able to hear the gospel from her.


Stacey said...

Congratulations to Kimberly, that is so exciting.

Mark, Lindsay, Bennett, and James said...

Is that your mission president sister's daughter (wow, that was a confusing question)? She is darling and how cool to be in Italy while your sister is in Italy!