Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nathan's last day of Kindergarten...

I'm a little mad at those that have older children...I don't feel like anyone prepared me for this day. It was one of those crazy mornings. I went to my pilates class and came home to shower. I took too long in between, which I sometimes do, and took my shower a few minutes late. I didn't have time to do my hair, so I had to go and pick up Daxon & Nathan from kindergarten with wet hair. Just as I was walking out the door, I thought I would grab my camera. It was Nathan's last day of kindergarten and I considered taking a picture. No big deal.

When I got there, I wasn't prepared for the emotions that I felt. I realized that my baby is growing up. The first day of kindergarten was rough, I cried like a baby. But, I wasn't thinking about how I would feel when my youngest child was FINISHED with kindergarten! One of the other moms could see that I was sad (so was she) and she hugged me, that's when I started to cry. I couldn't stop. Well, at least I pulled it together enough to get a couple of photos outside the school. As you can see, Nathan isn't sad at all. He is so excited to be going into 1st grade next year and is excited to be able to eat lunch at school!

I know that Nathan is going to miss Mrs. Strong. The kids always get attached to their kindergarten teachers. Luckily he will be able to see her in the halls next year.

Thanks to my friend Stephanie, who called me while I was driving home. She couldn't understand a word I was saying, so I had to stop crying. If it weren't for her phone call, I might still be going!

I hate it when kids grow up. Couldn't they stay young longer? Maybe just the youngest one?


Stephanie said...

It stinks. Especially when there isn't another kid coming up behind. Have another baby.