Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mark & Aersta's Wedding...

Mark & Aeresta were married on Saturday. Our day started out at the Salt Lake City Temple. The ceremony was a beautiful one. After the wedding we waited outside until the bride & groom came out. They looked so perfect together. The weather was beautiful, but there was a slight breeze that made it pretty chilly in the shade. I got a couple of pictures at the temple, but not many because there were so many photographers...I figured they had things pretty covered, so I mostly enjoyed myself. I'm hoping to get a copy of all of us on the temple steps, those are always my favorites!

Aersta was such a gorgeous bride! She just radiated that whole day!

At one point, while waiting for the couple to come out, I looked over and saw my boys all in a row...thought it was just so cute!

Mark and his sisters...what a lucky brother!

My sister Karen is serving with her husband, Jeff, in Rome as Mission Presidents for the church. Karen and the kids were able to come home for 3 days during the wedding, but Jeff had to stay in Italy. We were so happy to see them, but we really missed Jeff being here.

Next on the list of things to do was the wedding luncheon. It was in the Wasatch room at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was a beautiful lunch. Nathan and Brynlee were sitting by each other, waiting so patiently.

Harrison loved the lunch more than anyone, I think (although I loved it quite a bit). He was so cute, at one point he said, "Who is paying for all of this??" We told him that Karen was, and he said, "Wow, I feel really sorry for her!"

Porter (my nephew Kyle's little boy) is such a doll. We had such a fun time playing with him during the luncheon.

The Reception was held at Mellor Hidden Meadows in Lehi. It was a beautiful garden setting. We were so lucky that it was a clear day. There were storms a couple of days before and after, but Saturday evening was just perfect. The wind had even died down and so it wasn't too cold until the end. Aersta's mom did a nice job on the reception. It was her first child to get, I'm not looking forward to that!

Cutting the cake...they were very nice to each other. I wish that someone told me that it wasn't very classy to shove cake in the groom's face. I guess I was only 18 and didn't know better. Sorry Rick!

The single girls preparing to catch the bouquet. Stephanie ended up with it. Karen hopes that it is a long time before she ties the knot. I'm sure there were many boys there wishing Kimberly & Lisa had caught it!

Stephanie looked so gorgeous in her dress! Karen made it for her in Italy before they came over. Janessa took my camera for a while and did a pretty good job, she took this photo of Stephanie.

Karen & Mark were so lovely dancing together, they even got pretty fancy at one point.

All of my brothers and sisters were there at the wedding together, along with Mom & Dad. Debbie was out in the van during the reception, I wish we would have brought her out for the picture. Maybe someone should Photoshop her in!

Karen was so glad to be able to spend time with Mom & Dad.

Dave's family was at the wedding and I always love seeing them! I especially love the new grand babies. Janessa & Nathan both were loving Porter. Kimbrey & Daniel's baby Chase is just adorable, but he didn't like me very well. At least not as much as his mom or grandma!

It was so nice to see old family friends. Anita Raymond and the Chidesters were there at the reception. They were such good friends of our family. Anita was in the hospital with my mom the day I was born. It was so nice to visit with her, she always tells me stories from when I was born and growing up.

We always love it when we get to see our uncles and aunts. Don & Helen live in Draper. They always have such fun family reunions in the summer time. Don is my dad's brother.

Eddie & Janice live in Springville. Eddie is also my dad's brother and he is a big tease!

I know I don't even come close to looking as good as my adorable nieces, but I still love this picture of us. Kimberly & Lisa will be living in Lindon for the summer and I am hoping to see lots of them.

Rick is not wanting his little girl to get married. I'm glad we only have one daughter. I much prefer the groom's responsibilities for a wedding...bring the Visa card. These receptions are a lot of work!

Ed Terris decided Rick & I needed a photo together. Rick thought he'd dip me. What's up with that? He shouldn't be allowed to do that when he won't ever even dance with me!

I took this picture of Lisa & her friend Brianna at the end of the reception visiting. I thought Lisa looked so pretty.

It was a beautiful wedding and a perfect day.


leslie j said...

Really lovely pictures Ellen. It looks like it was a perfect event at the perfect place!

Stacey said...

It looks like it was a wonderful day. I am happy for Karen that she could be there.

Isn't it crazy that life is going so fast? That picture of Rick and Janessa made me almost cry!

Stephanie said...

You look super cute in these pictures. And tan. I love the picture of Rick and Harrison and Nathan and the one of you and Rick.

Chelle said...

Such pretty pictures! I'm so sorry that I couldn't be there to see all of you. It looks like you all had such a great time!

Kim said...

You take such gorgeous pictures! I love that one of Rick dipping you. You can tell he loves you so much. So glad you had a fun weekend with your sister! So sad it was so short!