Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day traditions...

We spent Memorial Day in Moab this year. We typically spend the day visiting the cemetery in Spanish Fork, where many of Rick's ancestors & family are buried. I really missed our tradition this year. We usually try to go to the program that morning at the cemetery that is put together by the Veterans. We always find Rick's Grandpa's flag in the Veteran area. I think it is an important tradition for our kids especially.

We also love to visit Rick's sister's grave. Karen was killed in a car accident 9 years ago. Memorial Day was the last day we were with her as a family. We spent the time together with her having a picnic at a park and then going to the Spanish Fork Cemetery. We said our goodbyes there at the cemetery, as she left to go to Colorado. We took a family photo right where she now is buried. The tradition of going to this cemetery in Spanish Fork now is a very special one to us because of those last memories of her.

On our way out of town on Friday evening, we stopped by to put some flowers on her grave. We were sad to have missed our usual Memorial Day this year.


leslie j said...

We missed you too! Unfortunately though the weather was pretty rainy and cold,so we actually skipped the program and went later in the day. Hard to believe our dear one left 9 years ago isn't it? :(