Saturday, June 7, 2008

Andrew's home from EFY...

Andrew just got back from Especially for Youth. Did he have a good time, you ask? He had 10 boys in his group and 26 girls. What do you think? Rick was worried that we had accidentally signed him up for the FLDS EFY!

He actually attended at the University of Utah campus, although BYU still sponsored it. He went to BYU last year and had a blast. We were trying to get him into BYU again this year, but I made a mistake on scheduling and we had to switch to the U of U. He was really mad at me! He won't even wear the color red, let alone wants to spend a week a the evil U! But, with 2.6 girls to every boy, I think he has forgiven me.

He went with his cousin Brad and his friend Ryan. However, when they arrived, they were in two different groups. He didn't get to spend much time with Brad.

We had stopped by the store on the way and got lots of treats for them. Andrew got a 12-pack of Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper. This is him stuffing it into his suitcase!

Andrew made sure that everyone knew what side he was on immediately. According to him, "The righteous side"...when people tell him that many prophets went to the U, he says, "Even prophets make mistakes."

He made a ton of friends. He said he had such a great time. Since he has been home he has been texting, sleeping, texting, mowing lawns (while texting), texting...well, you get the picture.

They took a picture with every girl like this one. All the boys gathered around each girl offering them rings, money, keys (to their hearts), etc.

This is one of his favorite people he met, her name is Sam. She is a cute cowgirl from Layton and he swears that when he turns 16 he will drive up to see her. We officially have a teenage boy living in our house.


BrucenCarolynJames said...

Cute girl:) 9 months and counting..

Las Vegas Nielsen's said...

I cant believe you are so old that you have a teen almost old enough to date! ;)
(dont tell anyone Im 10 months older than you)

Check out my blog I tagged you and add shanell if you want, she was asking me about you.