Monday, June 30, 2008

Gifts from China...

Kimberly went to China for her BYU ballroom dance team. They got to dance all over and even got to dance at a pre-olympic event.

A really funny thing happened at that event. She was telling us all how the people in China were so nice and accomadating. They really love their country, and wanted the Americans to have a great time and love it as well. When they got to the Olympic venue for their performance, it had been raining all day. There was lots of lightning and thunder. The venue was outdoors and the stage was carpeted. They were praying really hard that the rain would stop so that they could perform. The Chinese people were all waiting with such anticipation under their little umbrellas (with big smiles on thier faces, Kimberly said).

The rain finally stpped and the organizers got the stage swept off. They started dancing. One of their numbers, the Lindy Hop, has a boy in a janitor's outfit in the beginning. He comes out all by himself with a big broom and is sweeping while whistling. Then, he is supposed to take off the suit (he has his dance clothes on underneath). Everyone then joins him and they dance the Lindy Hop. Well, a random Chinese man, from the audience, saw him sweeping the stage. He jumped out of the audience and grabbed the broom from him and started sweeping himself! The organizers of the event knew that it was part of the show and got him off pretty quickly. Isn't that just a great example of how they cared for their visitors?

.Here are some pictures I took of her last ballroom concert at BYU. They are super blurry, I was testing out my new camera...but you get the idea of how wonderful she is.

We had the Acerson kids over for dinner on Sunday. Kimberly was so sweet to bring us things from China.

She gave Andrew a tie (that was made in China that said "Italian Design" on it, covered all the bases).

Harrison and Nathan got some Chinese candy and gorgeous shells from the Olympic sailing venue in China.

Janessa got some beautiful pearls.

I got a necklace that was so had these orange pearly beads that were such a unique shape.

Rick got an olympic t-shirt. It was super cool...on the back they have created a Chinese character for each olympic event.

We are really going to miss Kimberly when she goes on her mission in two weeks. We are so proud of her, and we are so happy our kids have her to look up to. She is an amzing example to all of us and we love her very much (and not just because she brings us presents from China).