Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scout day camp...

Harrison just came home from Jeremiah Johnson Scout Camp for the day. Really, only about half of a day. But, it was plenty of time to get down and dirty, as well as make some crafts and buy a ton of stuff! He had so much stuff, that he kept dropping everything while walking from his leader's car to the house! And, can you believe his face? He looks like a pirate! It doesn't help at all that his retainer is spreading out his teeth, so his two front teeth look like those of a hill-billy's.

This is the tin can that he shot all up. He thought that was cool enough to bring home. I threw it away pretty quick, I didn't want anyone to cut themselves on it!

They made some really cute things there. I mean some "awesome" things...I can't call them cute!

My favorite was this pocket knife that he bought at the camp. He said it was the second best knife there. I asked why he didn't get the very best one and he said because it cost $8 and this one was only $6. The beauty of letting your kids use their own money to spend. Look at what lessons they learn! If that was my money, you'd better believe that he would have purchased the $8 one!

I also loved the box that the knife came in. The picture is a bit blurry, but it says, "DANGER, KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!" And being sold in stores with 8-11 year old boys. Priceless.