Thursday, June 5, 2008

E&J's Super Summer Camp is underway...

Janessa & her friend Elizabeth are the neighborhood entrepreneurs. They started this summer day camp last year and it was a huge hit! They have learned from last year and have made it even better this year! The name of the camp is "E&J's Super Summer Camp". They also came up with "Super Summer Nights" where parents can drop of their kids one night a month for 4 hours while they go on a date.

Their friend Emily is helping them as well this year. They just started this week. Their theme this year is the Olympics. They had a huge kick-off at the park. They are doing it for 6 weeks this summer. It is such a fun summer business for them. It teaches them so much about business, budgeting, etc. They are brilliant!


Morkthefied said...

Oh, Ellen! Where would we be without your family in our neighborhood?! You are the lifeblood of Pine Hollow Drive.