Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jordin Sparks concert...

I decided at the last minute to get tickets for Janessa and I to the Jordan Sparks concert at the Scera Shell in Orem. I'm so glad we did it...we had a blast! We tagged along with my friend Stephanie and her daughter Sadie. They were having a little 16th birthday celebration for Sadie. Holley and her daughter Cheyenne came, as well as Molly (one of my favorite Laurels). It seemed almost like a Young Women's activity. I guess it really was, since they were all sluffing that night (sorry to any leaders reading this).

What a fun 16th Birthday for Sadie!

Stephanie and I went early to sit in line so that we could get good seats. The darling girls next to us were starting to think that we didn't have any daughters. We were both trying to read our books...but the music from the radio station was blaring in front of us, and the girls said it wasn't cool to read while waiting for a concert. Our girls should really love us, since we got them AWESOME seats!

While waiting for the concert to start, the girls played games. Another girl from our ward, Ashley, and a friend came to join us. Molly also provided entertainment by standing on her head (we were so hoping she would tumble down the hill, but she was much too talented).

Once the concert started, the girls had such a party! Most of the audience stood up and danced. The funniest thing was that these people behind us kept yelling, "SIT DOWN!" Finally Holley turned around and said, "It's a concert...chill!" I thought that was so hilarious, people trying to yell at 200 teenagers to sit down. Needless to say, they weren't successful.

I think I finally figured out how to post a video! My teenagers will be so proud of me (especially since they didn't show me how).

Jordin was very good. She has an amazing voice. She also seems like such a nice girl. She invited an audience member to join her on stage to sing one of her songs with her. The girl was amazing! I was super glad I didn't raise my hand!

Here's how nice of a mom I am. I had a terrible headache after the concert, mostly due to my allergies. Janessa wanted to try and get an autograph afterwards. I stood back for almost 30 minutes watching Janessa stand in the front row of at least 100 people. Unfortunately, Jordin came out and got right in the vehicle and they drove off. She did get out of the sun roof though, and waved and said "goodbye" to everyone. Janessa yelled, "I love you Jordin!" and she yelled, "I love you too!" back. I think that was good enough for Janessa.

You can see Janessa in the very front of the crowd. If anyone would have gotten an autograph, it would have most definitely been her! She was so disappointed afterwards, she said that she wanted to get the program autographed for Sadie for her birthday. So sweet, always thinking of others.

**I forgot to mention one important thing...Janessa took all of the close-up pictures of Jordin. She wanted to go to the front row with my camera, and me being the nice mom I am, I let her. She did a great job and was mad at me that I didn't give proper credit on the family blog.**


Stacy said...

How fun! It really was YW's! (Don't worry I wasn't at the activity either. I wish it was because I was at the concert though! Oh my crazy life!)