Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ingrid Michaelson concert...

I know what it must look like, that I go from concert to concert. But, really, I promise I don't. I have sometimes gone years without attending one. It's just funny that this is my 3rd concert that I'm blogging about...and I have another one next week! Actually, it shouldn't really count, as it is Miley Cyrus...coming to the Stadium of Fire, and our entire family is going (I really mean entire). And, for that matter, Jordan Sparks shouldn't count either...both of those are more for Janessa than me!

My friend Stephanie is a very bad example; whenever she's around we always do crazy things. She moved to California last year so it's pretty well calmed down. However, she is visiting for a month and we always do crazy things when she is in town. This weekend we went to Ingrid Michaelson's concert. She is one of our favorite singers (check out her songs on my playlist...they are probably playing right now).

The thing is, when we get-together, we can't just simply go to a concert. There has to be other activities, lots and lots of food, and sometimes even a night away. So, here's how our fun day went...

We met at a fun place in Pleasant Grove for pedicures. We all got red toe nails...not planned to match, I guess trying to be patriotic for the fun upcoming week. While there, we were asking Brian (who works there and is Vietnamese) where there is good Vietnamese food. Stephanie has been raving for quite sometime about a soup called Pho (pronounced "fu"). He told us about a great place in Salt Lake. We were thrilled since we were already going there for the concert. So, we went straight there and had some of the best food ever.

Then we headed over to the venue. The Avalon in Salt Lake City could use some renovations. We had to stand outside in the 100 degree weather for about an hour before they would open the doors (they were running late). We were dying from the heat! When we arrived inside, it was almost as air conditioning in such an old theater, I guess.

This is what we looked like, with sweat dripping off of us. Why did we even fix our hair and make-up? We are with a cute girl we met in line. Her name was Daniela...or Gabriella...or Vanessa. Actually, we thought she looked so much like Gabriella from High School Musical (the actresses name is Vanessa). And, for the rest of the night we were so confused. She was from Orem and her friend ended up not coming with her, so she was alone. We let her hang out with us all night and we had such a blast! She did make us feel really old, but that's ok.

The opening act was another of our favorite singers (a happy surprise for us). His name is Greg Laswell and he is really great. We first saw him in person at Sundance. He has some great songs and a fun personality. He does a cover song, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." It is one of Stephanie's when she ran into him before the concert, she asked him to sing it. He did sing it during his performance, so all was well.

Then, came Ingrid. I actually had heard a couple of Ingrid's songs before we saw her perform at Sundance. I liked them, but then when I saw her perform, I loved them! She is adorable. So sweet and down-to-earth. And, the best part is that she is absolutely hilarious! She makes up crazy songs all the time and tells such funny stories. She even makes fun of her own songs. She is a joy to watch and her music is charming.

She has such a great personality! Just take a look at the expressions in her many faces...

She sang all of our favorite songs, and a lot of new ones that she is working on. It was the perfect concert.

We had fantastic seats up front, but we occasionally went to the back to enjoy the one fan in the building.

At the end of the night, Ingrid asked Greg and his band to join them. They played a few songs and sounded wonderful together.

Then... just the two of them sang, "Can't Help Falling in Love"...and looked into each other's eyes the entire time! It was the sweetest, most romantic thing ever. I'm not sure if they are really in love, but if they aren't, they are fantastic actors!

After the concert, we went and ate AGAIN. But, this time it was all for Daniella/Gabriella/Vanessa. She was hungry and we couldn't send her on that long drive home hungry. And, we did eat our first dinner around 4:00 p.m. So, we went out to Ziggy's and pigged out (again). After dinner, we said goodbye to our new friend and told her to drive safely home. We were definitely more like mothers than her BFFs.

The rest of the night was interesting to say the least. It started as we arrived at the hotel. Tracey went to see if the outside pool was still opened. While she was out of the car we decided to leave her (a tradition). She jumped on top of the car as we drove into the parking garage.

And, I will just say that the night ended with another incredible concert. This one was in the Little America Hotel at 1:30 a.m. Stephanie was playing the grand piano (the one used in the grand ballroom) and I was singing a moving original number. All I have to say, is I'm sure the security at the hotel enjoyed very much watching three 30-something mothers being silly in the middle of the night. I'm sure they wondered if there was alcohol involved...but it was just the pure bliss of enjoying a girl's night out without the kids.

We were back with home with our families within 20 hours of leaving them. But, our little break from being moms felt like an eternity. Isn't it so true? Girl's just want to have fun.


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