Saturday, June 14, 2008

Orem Summerfest...

We have always loved Orem Summerfest. We started going the first year Andrew was born and went every year for a long time after that. We lived a lot of our married life in Orem. Andrew & Janessa were both Orem Summerfest Baby Contest winners (Harrison broke the tradition when he pulled the entire balloon display down while climbing up it, waiting to be judged). We always loved the parade (in the evening...such a great idea) and the fireworks are always the best, next to the 4th of July. It has become much, much busier than I remember...but it was still so much fun.

When they asked for volunteers to walk in the parade for the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, I thought it would be fun. A couple of people in the family (namely Rick and Andrew) did not think it sounded fun. Janessa was babysitting, so it ended up just being Harrison, Nathan and I doing it. Luckily a lot of other volunteers showed up. We used Karen Ashton's cute convertible bug and walked along side, passing out postcards for our festival and candy. The kids loved passing out the candy. Nathan would taunt kids with it...holding it up, with a look that said, "Do you want this? Show me what you would do for this piece of candy!" He loved the power it gave him.

When the candy started to run out, and Nathan got tired, he decided the parade entry in front of us looked a lot better. He was begging to ride in the cow (being pulled by a tractor) for Corn Belly's. Right as I was telling him "no", a lady came over and asked if anyone would like to ride in a cow. Lucky kid. So, the rest of the parade he was in the caboose of the cow, waving like crazy, advertising for a different organization!

This is a picture Lisa took of Harrison and I in the parade. I am really not sure why I look so enormous in this picture. I have actually lost about 12 pounds in the last month or so. I have been doing pilates three times a week, the Wii Fit (the most fun thing ever) and have been on a strict diet for two weeks without carbs. So, to see this photo of myself is not making me very happy. However, try and focus your attention downward...towards my shoes. These are my new Chacos. My friends swear that they are the best shoes in the world. For some of them, they are the only shoes they wear. I finally found a good pair that are comfortable. I'm hoping they will be great shoes for walking around Italy next month.

After we were finished walking in the parade, we ran into Briana McCurdy (who will be so excited to be mentioned on my blog again). The boys are always fascinated by the "princesses" on the floats. Briana is an attendant for Pleasant Grove. We got their picture with the "princess" and then Rick told them to kiss her on her cheeks for a picture. If only my camera would have been fast enough to capture their looks! I'm sure you can imagine.

We hurried over to sit with Lisa, Stephanie and Alyssa for the rest of the parade. It was fun...I love parades. Rick does not love parades, but is such a good sport. One of the most cleaver things I have seen at a parade...the Paul Mitchell Hair Academy came along and offered to do an up-do. Alyssa quickly volunteered and got her hair done by a very interesting boy and girl. The rest of us were quite jealous (said sarcastically).

The kids insisted on riding a carnival ride after the parade. That place was insane! I can't believe what kind of people carnivals bring out, I will never understand that one. We tried as hard as we could to talk them out of riding, but it was useless. So, instead of sitting on our blankets, in our perfect little spot on the grass to watch the fireworks, we watched them in line. Then, to make matters worse, they closed down the ride after we waited for nearly an hour. I really hate carnivals! I actually drive different routes just to avoid my kids seeing them when they come!

Standing in line was good for something though...these pictures! Briana tried it first with her camera phone and showed us how cool it looked. The ride was moving so fast in front of the us, with the fireworks in the background...really awesome effect. I didn't have my camera with me, so Lisa took these pictures. I have some cool ones on my phone, but I have no idea how to get them off. For now, I will have to steal Lisa's.


Morkthefied said...

Ellen, you are an awesome photographer! I tune into your blog just to see the pictures, as well as the great stories.