Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In training for a 165 mile bike ride...

The Young Men always do such amazing "High Adventure" trips for the boys in our ward (last year they went on a huge, week-long trip down the river by Moab). All boys that are 14-18 are invited. In two weeks they are going to Yellowstone. They will be riding their bikes 165 miles in three days! Doesn't sound like fun to me at all.

The dads are always invited to go with the boys, which is really fun. Rick went last year and didn't want to miss it this year. Brandon Greenwood said he needed another driver, but that wouldn't do for Rick. He doesn't want to look like a "wimp" by driving along (no offence to whomever ends up driving). So, in true Rick style, he purchased two new road for him and one for Andrew. He bought them on ebay and assured me they were around 90% off. However, as "cheap" as these bikes were, there have been about 100 more purchases that they have needed to make. Including new shoes (Rick has the clip-in kind and it took him an entire week to learn how to ride with them), water bottles, shorts with padding (he discovered he needed these right away), helmets, gloves, spare tires and kits, air pumps, etc.

Wow, this is really going to be an expensive trip! But, I guess you can't put a price on this kind of experience. I just hope that my wonderful husband lives through it. I'm not too worried about Andrew, he's got his age and his energy going for him.