Friday, July 18, 2008

High Adventure in Yellowstone...

Rick & Andrew surprised us by coming home a day early from their trip! We were so excited to see them and they were so excited to see the showers!

They rode a total of 165 miles, with Andrew riding all but 20 miles because of his bike braking at one point. Rick conveniently missed a 12 mile climb. Overall, we are just impressed that they are alive.

They saw lots and lots of wildlife, including a black bear, grizzly bear, eagles, hawks, elk, deer and herds of buffalo.

The boys all had a great time and we are indebted to Brothers Greenwood, Goodrich & Winters for being so willing to put up with them. Brother Goodrich even had to leave his brand new baby boy! We are grateful to wonderful leaders that take the them on crazy adventures like these, and for an amazing bishop who lets them!

You will need to click on this picture of Brother Greenwood (the YM President) so that you can see it close up...well worth the trouble.