Saturday, July 26, 2008

All allong the Amalfi Coast...

The drive along the Amalfi Coast was absolutely gorgeous!

President Acerson did a rather good job driving the difficult road.

It is really crazy how busses pass each other on this narrow coastal drive.

I am so glad that I wasn't in a bus.

At some points the road is actually over the edge (look closely at this photo). I took some Dramamine in preparation for the drive and I didn't get sick at all, which made the drive all that much better. I was amazed at how beautiful everything was.

They use the hills for terraced gardening. If you look closely, you can see all of the terraces. I can't even get all my gardening done in the small little flat square in my yard, look at them! Pretty impressive.

We went in this darling little ceramic store. This area is well known for their hand-painted dishes, bowls, plates and even tables. We fell in love with this table. It was only $4000 euros and another $100 euros to have it shipped safely to the U.S. That makes it about $7000. What a deal (although I passed, as I have no where to put it).

We stopped in one little city along the coast to look at the beach. I went down and collected some rocks for the kids. We ran by this little granita stand and I wanted to try them. Like I said before when posting the Sorrento pictures, this area is known for their lemons. Granitas are these yummy lemon slushes, it's like concentrated lemonade, blended with ice. This is the first time I have tried them. Here they were made with real lemons, even the rinds were blended in. They were incredible. Everyone tasted mine to see if it was good and then went and bought their own. The rest of the trip in Italy I tried to find granitas that were this good...but, no such luck. I have waisted many euro on this quest. Luckily for the rest of the gang, they just tasted mine each time and decided not to waste their euros. Convienient for them.

Sister Acerson was very against posting this picture. She told me that I could NOT post it. When I showed it to President, he gave his permission...he thought it was pretty funny as well. Sister Acerson's condition on posting this picture was that I had to explain a few things. First of all, Sister Acerson was NOT on the beach, but purchasing a granita from a local stand; she is worried about looking like she is "hanging out" on the beach. Second of all, she is NOT calling this man to repentance...just visiting with him and asking if it was their granita stand. And, finally, she wants to make it very clear that her view of this man is a bit different than ours (not as good, if you ask me). I thought that we could have a contest on the caption to this photo...could be fun.


The Acersons said...

ALSO . . . I was already at the stand when this man walked up to it and asked me if I liked the granita. (I wouldn't have walked up to it if he had been there first!) I naturally assumed that the stand was his and this young man was his son. Nope. He was just curious about what I was doing there in a dress, I suppose!