Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sleepover with the Harwards...

The Harwards have been our friends for a long time, about 9 years to be exact. Their daughter, Maddy, is best friends with Janessa, and their son Blake is best friends with Harrison. We lived by them in Orem. The kids all went to the same school as well. They moved to Texas about 2 years ago (I could totally be off on time, but that's how long it seems) and we haven't seen them for a long time. They came to visit Utah and we got to steal the kids for a little sleep-over. Janessa invited all the friends from American Heritage as well. The next day they all went to Seven Peaks. It was great to see them again.

The boys were all in the family room downstairs watching a movie. Do you like the Ensign by Nathan? It looks like we are way more righteous than we really are. As if we are reading the Ensign for bedtime stories at the sleepover! Yeah, that's the kind of family we are.

The girls got the theater room and stayed up WAY too late, as usual.

Why must they always have a "silly face" picture? It drives me crazy.


Janessa said...

Btw, Dad hit me in the eye with a pillow, so thats why I look like I'm crying. And I am. so , yeah.