Friday, July 4, 2008

Stadium of Fire... was quite the ordeal to get the tickets, but we all finally made it to the Stadium of Fire (along with almost every single family member of mine, friends and neighbors).

Paul & Mary came with their family from Cedar City. We ended up meeting at TGIF by the stadium for dinner ahead of time. Don’t Andrew and Brad just look so excited to go to a Miley Cyrus concert? Actually, we stuck Andrew and his cousins, Brad, Scott & Devan in different seats than us. It was good planning, so that they wouldn't harass the girls!

Before the show we stopped by the tailgate party (or whatever they call it when it's not a football game). Brynlee & the girls loved this limo (but my lens wasn’t wide enough to fit all of it in).

Glen Beck hosted the show and the Blue Man Group and Miley Cyrus performed. There were also lots of tributes to those military serving our country, as well as their families. It ended with amazing fireworks, which made it the perfect night.

Janessa got to invite two friends. Emily lives by us and Maddy is her best friend that moved to Texas and was here visiting. They had a great time together, especially since they were amongst a group of 20 some girls, all cousins and friends of cousins.

We were actually on-time and had to wait a while for the show. See...I'm not always late for everything!

We loved the parachuters that jumped out of the planes and flew into the stadium. As usual, Rick loved the fly over by the jets (I think he said, "OK, let's go home now," like he always does).

This would have been an awesome shot, if I would have just taken the time to figure out my fancy camera!

Look closely...I think this guy is wearing my Chacos!

Once the show got started, it went pretty fast. The girls got a little crazy during Miley...

Kimberly, Lisa & Stephanie...does the one on the left even look like a missionary?

Janessa was pretty excited. I will say it again, she really does have an awesome mother!

My sister Jennifer & her husband Randy...doing or saying who knows what. I don't think she looks at my I think I am safe posting this!

Alyssa & Stephanie...

Amanda & her friends and neighbors...

Marianne, Stephanie, Lisa & Kimberly...

The best was watching the fireworks. They always do an amazing job...they really don't skimp on anything. The kids really loved looking out of the 3-D glasses, it made the fireworks look crazy!

And, this is why I LOVE the 4th of July!


Morkthefied said...

At least now you know where your Chacos went! (So funny!) I'm glad our dog Jesse didn't take them.