Friday, July 4, 2008

Freedom Festival run...

My crazy friends, Tracey & Stephanie, talked me into running the 5K Freedom Run. I'm not the best runner by any means...I was always forging notes and giving them to my P.E. teacher so I didn't have to run. Now I am paying to run?

I will somtimes run on my treadmill (but mostly I walk), which is in my very cool (temperature wise) basement, with my fan blowing on me, and I do pretty well (especially when I can step up on the sides when I am out of breath). But, I was worried about racing with these girls. My friends kept telling me that they are slow runners (Stephanie even got super sick all that week). I just didn't want to hold them back.

Well, I did. But luckily, Tracey got a cramp in her side just as I was slowing down. So, we sent her mom Kathy, her sister Grace and Stephanie ahead. We took our time for a little part. But, we had a strong ending...we ran fast to the finish line. Which, was perfect because I ran past some people from my ward who had already finished. They now think that I am a super fast runner. Sweet.

Rick took pictures as we ran past him (the race follows the parade route). I can't even believe I am posting these pictures...I look like I am an amazon woman next to skinny Tracey. I need to stop hanging out with skinny friends. I actually have a magnet on my fridge (thanks to Cindy) that says, "Lord, if you can't make me skinny, please make my friends fat."

This is my neighbor Daryn with his son Parker. I don't think he is even panting in this photo.

There are no pictures of Stephanie, because she took off before the parade. This is a picture of me, Tracey, Grace and Kathy.

When Harrison just saw this photo of Grace, Tracey and I, he said, "Just you two won the race, not Tracey?" No, Tracey won too, she just wasn't as proud as we were to wear the medals all day long!


Darrell said...
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Kim said...

You take the most beautiful pictures. I just love to look at your blog for your photo work.
I'm so proud you did that 5k. I am thinking of doing the Cedar Hills one. Want to do it with me? I might hold you back and your fridge magnet prayer will be answered!! It would be fun. You are a champ!


Fun!! I've never been. Steve and I should go next year! You are such a trooper for doing a 5K. Kim tried to get me to do one a while back and I totally wussed out! I am NOT a runner! Good Job Stud!

Stephanie said...

Too bad I'm so fast your camera couldn't catch me.

kidsmom said...

You go girl. That is AWESOME that you ran the 5K.