Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finally in Frankfurt...

Well, I have finally arrived in Frankfurt, Germany, after a very long series of flight delays.

Rick dropped me off at the SLC airport at 11:00 on Monday morning. When I went up to the automatic check-in computer, it informed me that my flight to Chicago was delayed by 3 hours and that I would miss my connection to Frankfurt. It said that it was searching for alternatives for today and tomorrow. Then it informed me that there weren't any! Luckily, I finally got to talk with a human. She put me on a flight to San Francisco to catch a different flight to Frankfurt. However, that flight was an hour earlier, so I had to run. When I got to the gate they were just announcing that San Francisco wouldn't let them land right now. So, we sat there for about 2 hours and then loaded the plane and sat on the tarmac for about 1.5 hours before finally taking off. It was such a small plane and very claustrophobic.

Once I was in San Francisco, I went to find my flight to Frankfurt (which was luckily a few hours later than the original flight, so I still had a little time). When I arrived it was delayed as well. However, they must have made up some time in the air, because we arrived here about 2 p.m. I was hoping to go stand-by on an earlier Rome flight, but missed that all together. My flight leaves tonight at 8 p.m. (it is 4:30 p.m. now).

I am not complaining though, I really love Germany. I especially love their food. I'm sitting here eating a yummy sandwich on a huge baguette with salami and bree cheese. I haven't had this good of a sandwich since I was in Europe 7 years ago! I also have some yummy pastry to eat as soon as I get the sandwich finished.

Well, this is just a quick update...mostly for my mom who is probably worried sick about me right now. All is well though. I shed some tears leaving San Francisco, I got that sickening panicking feeling that I remember when I have left kids the last two trips to Europe. It is a scary feeling for a mom to be across an ocean from her family. I haven't cried again though, and I hope that I will now enjoy my trip.

Now, wish me luck as I embark on my journey to Italy...it will be an adventure to say the least.


Janessa James said...

Good luck! We our sick of Dad's (or our) cooking already..... thank heavens for Baba! We love you!