Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Caserta Palace...

We went to the Caserta Palace today, near Naples. It is a beautiful palace that the King of Naples, Charles the VII had built. He wanted something similar to Versailles.

Star Wars I & II both have scenes that were filmed here, as well as Mission Impossible 3. I'm not sure where you can see the palace in those films, I guess I will have to put myself through watching Star Wars with Nathan & Harrison when I get home. I don't even think I have ever seen Mission Impossible 3, maybe I will watch that one with Rick or Andrew.

These pictures were all taken in the entrance of the palace.

There were so many beautiful rooms inside the palace. It had many painted ceilings, sculptures, elaborately tiled floors and amazing furnishings.

The Venitian glass chandeliers were one of my favorite things in the palace. They looked so modern. I just found out that it will be possible to go to Venice. I will be going there and spending the entire day on Saturday. Venice is outside of the mission, so I wasn't thinking there would be a way to go. But, while we are in Florence this weekend I will ride a train up north. I'm really excited. Maybe I will buy a chandelier like this! What do you think, Rick?

We walked through the gardens after we were finished with inside the palace. There was a waterfall at the farthest end with so many beautiful fountains leading up to it. We didn't think it was as far as it appeared. It was quite the view though, when we finally made it to the top.

This is a view from the very top. You might have to click on the photos to see the palace in the background. The view was definately worth the hike up.

President was able to come after his interviews with the elders in Caserta. He met us in the gardens. I thought this was a nice picture of President and Karen. They have been so gracious and generous to us during this trip. They are so busy and are running on such little sleep. It has been so humbling to see how hard they work.

After visiting the palace, we ended our first true day of sight-seeing in Naples. We stayed at a nice apartment that the couple missionaries live in. It was in-between couples, so it worked out perfectly.